If you want to make a change you need to start from the beginning. 

Lifecycle Analysis

Analyse and communicate the steps a specific product goes through. In the analysis, we consider the carbon footprint and social impact, to later communicate in an easy way to consumers and all stakeholders.

Risk analysis in your fashion

supply chain

We help you identify the different points of action in your supply chain in order to improve your sustainability performance, taking environmental, social and governance into consideration.

Measuring impact

One of the most difficult aspects of explaining and justifying sustainability is finding the right indicators and the right tools to measure its impact. At HONEST FASHION we have been aware of this challenge from an early stage. We always recommend thinking about what would you like to communicate with your efforts and how can you fit your sustainable initiatives in the framework of SDG's, the Higg Index or Dow Jones Sustainability Index.


Train your workforce on sustainability

Tailored-made courses

Let us know what kind of sustainable material you need and we will design and develop the courses you need to train your employees. If you are thinking of implementing new certificates, changing your main production material or having more circular initiatives in place, we can make a course out of it.

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