Frederik Smed, from Kapsules, talks to Honest Fashion about the potential 3D design has to turn the fashion industry into a more sustainable one.

In your view, how can 3D design help transformation towards more sustainable business models?

I believe that we all need to work with 3D sketching from a brand perspective and a supplier perspective in order to reduce the amount of samples we are using in the fashion industry. You always hear about the samples and how it's difficult to develop the samples and when doing so, it creates a lot of extra material that are stocked somewhere. And I think by just reducing this by 50%, we would have a huge impact on the entire fashion industry. And you can do that by working with 3D.

What is the main motivation for brands to work with 3D design?

3D design is a way for you to make your garments become real in front of you. And by doing so, it's basically based on a computer where you can work and create your sketches as you do now. But you will have realistic pictures which you can use to make your decisions. You can see how your garment looks before even ordering samples.

Who are you and what is Kapsules?

Well, my name is Frederik and I'm the founder of Kapsules and I've been working in the fashion industry for ten years for a company called Bestseller. And besides that, I have five years of experience in the digital fashion industry. Kapsules is a digital design studio that offers services within 3D fashion and at the same time also support brands in converting their traditional workflows into digital ones. So we also help implement 3D.

Photo by Skyler Ewin

How can brands work with 3D?

The first stage is you have to grab this technology and figure out exactly where 3D makes sense for your business. Where does it make sense to start? Usually from my experience, it's in the product development phase. Kapsules works as a distributor of a software subscription license called Style3D. And Style3D is a new player in the 3D design market. 3D design has been focused a lot on 3D specialists and 3D experts that have to create the garments. But with Style3D, it's actually possible to work and create garments in 3D without having the 3D expertise. It's very intuitive and easy to learn. So a few hours would make it possible for you to create designs by yourself on the cloud platform.